Interaction between spread and continuous footings in RAM Foundation (module accessed from RAM Structural System).

So I have multiple situations where I've got these NEW lateral walls between EXISTING gravity columns and the NEW wall foundation overlaps the EXISTING spread footing of the columns to different extents (at both ends). Seismic retrofit is the driving criteria here.

This is one, but I've got sixteen such situations over the footprint of the building:

Anyway, in order to get this to "work," I limit the width of the continuous footing to 6' and then 5' at either end (assuming that's past the end of the wall) which puts those 5' into the EXISTNG 10'x10'x2' footing to the north and 10.5'x10.5'x2' to the south. How do the results from the continuous footing affect the spread footings and vice-versa?

Is there a better way to go about modeling this, foundation-wise?

Thanks y'all.