RAM Concept - Model not running

I'm designing a flat plate floor slab supported by walls on all sides. RAM concept looks like it's running  (when I go to design status tab it shows all section checks as "okay"). However, it's not really running a full calculation. It's not adding any program bars, won't show section forces, and when I audit a section every check (service, strength, etc.) says "No calc" but then the final check says okay. I don't have any fatal error messages. Can someone tell me why it might not be running? I'll try to post the model here.RAM Forum - not running.zip

  • Beth,

    The problem occurs because the code design rules have been deactivated. If you click on Criteria - Design Rules, you will see that the Active Rule for each designer is set to "None: (see image below). To resolve the problem, select the appropriate ACI 318-14 rule for each Rule Set and then re-run the analysis.

    Answer Verified By: Beth Zetzman