SET Limits for sloped footing in RCDC

I want to design a sloped footing and want to set minm depth( d).

There is only a option of setting total depth limit.(D)
On changing the d the Total depth also have to be revised instead of greater steel. 
please advice on how to proceed further.


  • Hi,

    You can try with following steps to change the footing depth if satisfy the design,

    1. redesign the footing
    2. change the footing type to stepped (any other type than sloped). (this is just to clear all data of sloped footing)
    3. again change the footing type to sloped
    4. try to design footing with lesser total depth (D)
    5. generally it reduces the footing depth by 75 to 100mm lesser

    RCDC provides the d and D as per design requirements. Generally it governs by shear design. (One way shear) as shear check is performed at d away from column face.  As depth available at d from face is lesser than the total depth it becomes critical. 
    punching shear check is performed at d/2, thus generally it satisfied in sloped footing. Bending check is also performed at face, thus generally it doesn't becomes critical.

    we would suggest to design Pad footing if lesser depth is required. As depth is constant for Pad footing, it satisfied with lesser depth than the sloped footing.