Good day guys! I am currently designing Water Tank Steel Tower and I have a lot of questions about it so I'll just enumerate it.

1. For a circular beam (which from Structure Wizard, composed of segmented beams) should I make releases or not? If yes where to?. My idea is this a.) At every joints where other beams intersected the circular beam or b.) at only one joint ( cause I imagined it as a continous beam which the end points only must be released) but where is that one joint?

2. Should I include the Tower bracings in Design? Because it my design I excluded it because it gives high values of stress ratio. So its like I assumed my structure/tower without a bracings.

3. How to load a floor load/area load to a area that is composed with one circular segment? (I group these area and loaded in Floor Load) It works, but is it correct or there is other more accurate way to load pressure on this circular sector area?

4. I wanna  know if my design is properly modeled or correct, if not what are the faults in my model/design and what is the proper way to model it or design? 

I attached my two .std files here:

1. SUPERSTRUCTURE WITH TANK IN GIPIPE.std  -(this is my first model and I have a lot of issues here so I wanna help to achieve this kind of sections)

2. SUPERSTRUCTURE WITH TANK IN WSHAPES.std - (this is the second model and its good but if you find an improper modelling or actions I wanna know it guys please TT)SUPERSTRUCTURE WITH TANK IN GIPIPE.STDSUPERSTRUCTURE WITH TANK IN W SHAPES.STD

WATER TANK INITIAL DESIGN DETAILS.dwg (This is my reference for my GI PIPE Model)

 I didn't find good reference in Internet so I wanna reach out to you : ) Thanks in advance for the replies!