RAM to ISM to Revit - Start and End Level Offset

I have an ISM repository that was originally created from my Revit model, then created a RAM model based on that repository. In RAM, I updated sizes on some of the steel beams and brought those updates back to the ISM repository and back to Revit. In Revit, we want the beams to have a z offset value of -0' 10" at this level. However, when the beams come back into Revit from the ISM repository, they come in with a z offset value of -0' 10" (correct) and also start level offset -0' 10" (incorrect) and end level offset -0' 10" (incorrect). So in effect, they are coming in an extra 10" too low. 

I have tried filtering the ISM to Revit transfer by rejecting changes to the beam locations, but I still have the same issue. I suspect RAM can't understand the full member z offset but applies it as start and end level offsets, which effectively duplicates the offset when it is brought back to Revit -- is that what is going on here? Any suggestions for a fix? I can of course select all the beams on that level in Revit and correct the offset, but this extra step may leave room for error that I'd like to avoid.