If i model my project and add slab,what will be the difference if i dont generate plate mesh, after adding slab i add load and run analysis without generating mesh.

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  • I am clear in doubt no 2 which were asked in above tread. However, I am still having doubt in point no 1. Also, I would like to add few more questions. Please help me to clear it.

    Doubt 1

    In continuation of Doubt 1, Can we add load on plate under (Plate Load - Pressure on Full Plate) after meshing to a plate and without meshing ? 

    Also, Please help me to know, Is there any tutorial link to use ( Element Load, Master Slave command) or rigid diaphragm to model slab ?

    Doubt 3 -

    If I am applying a Live load of -10 KN/M2 in GY direction on a plate (casted by plate element cursor), I am not able to see the post processing result. However, If I am using only the dead load(-1) to the whole structure, I am able to see the post processing result (Includes BM, SF, stress diag . etc). Please help me to know what is the reason and how to rectify it. 

    P.S - I have set scale value as well and turn on all stress icon also.

    Doubt 4-

    In continuation of Doubt no 3 , If I am applying a Live load on Plate (by Plate Load - Pressure on Full Plate) without meshing , I am also not able to see any value ("0" value is showing) under LIVE LOAD in post processing mode (Also SF, BM diag is not visible).

    Doubt 5-

    In Output file - concrete design, Stadd is not showing slab design details. 

    I have also attached project file along with this list of doubt.3632.Structure1.std