How to check load value for member for which it is designed in stadd ?

Dear Members,

Can we check the total upcoming load on a particular member ( Beam / Column )  for which it is designed in staad pro ?

As, I am doing some check, whether load transfer on a  particular beam member due to floor load is distributed properly or not. 

Ex - Two way slab  span 6m x 4m

load distribution on a span of 4 m beam ( triangular load distribution) - wlx/3

w - 4 kn/m2 applied by floor loading

total load on a beam including self weight and  due to triangular distribution is - 0.23 x0.23x25 + (4x4)/3 =  6.59KN/m

Therefore, I am assuming 6.59Kn/m load should be distributed per meter length of the beam and the beam should be design for this particular load. Please help me to know whether this approach is correct or not ?

Also, PFA stadd model below. (Check beam 49)