Concrete walls in RAM SS, import to RAM Concrete

I am tasked with modeling and studying an existing concrete structure, with concrete walls on the periphery (supported by continuous footing) with concrete pilasters (supported by spread footing). The wall supports concrete beams and concrete slab. See the picture below.  I have a couple of questions before I start modeling:

1) I am thinking of modeling this in RAM Structural system, applying the loads, running RAM concrete module to study beams & columns and then importing the model into RAM Concept to study walls, slab and footing.  Is this a right way of approaching this? Or should I get the loads back to RAM Foundation module to study it? Or should the whole model be studied in RAM concept ?(beams, cols, walls, slab, footing)? If so, can I still model it in RAM SS and import it into RAM Concept? 

2). The structure supports a steel super structure, which may be incorporated at a later stage into the model.  So, Is RAM SS -> RAM concept a right approach? 

3). Any suggestions or heads-up regarding this venture is highly appreciated! 

Thank You!