Difference in Moment and Reinforcement details using Track parameter.

Dear All,

I am performing beam analysis result and getting difference in max moment value and reinforcement detail when analyzing is performed using Track 0 and Track 1&2. Kindly look  into the case and help me to resolve it.

Query 1 - In Beam no 36 analysis, max moment is coming at section 5 m is 483 KN-m when checked in post-processing mode  and at same beam it is coming max  at section 4.17m ( 467.58 Kn-m) when checked in output viewer using Track 1. 

P.S. -  Max moment value is observed at Load Combination 3 in both the cases.

Query 2 - At same beam i.e Beam no 36, at sec 5 m, reinforcement is coming (3 -25D) and at sec 4.17 m reinforcement is coming ( 5-25D) at bottom face. however, as per my understanding max reinforcement should come at section 5m. 

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