STAAD RCDC, Ductile shear calculation in beam design as per IS code

Issue 1:

In RCDC, for Beam ductile design using IS code, how is the ductile shear being calculated?

I have referred to RCDC help file as well as RCDC Beam FAQ (Q.31) given in the link below.

I am able to grasp the technical intent, but unable to validate the formulas as the values which I am computing using given formulas (refer below) are not matching with the RCDC output. 

I also tried to find validation sheets for ductile beam design using IS code, but its not available. Only Non-ductile beam design validation is available. 

I am also attaching a typical design for reference and and would appreciate if calculations using the same reference can be demonstrated.

Issue 2: 

While transferring loads from STAAD to RCDC for beams, the loads are not transferred exactly. Some deviation (although not significant) is observed in them. What could be the probable reason for the same?


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  • Hi Abhisek,

    I agree that differences are minute and may not affect the end results. But when it does not match, it just don't give us the confidence that we require on the software. The difference will bother us and we will have no choice but to reverify the differences just to make sure its not significant. May be in the example i took, the differences are insignificant, but we will always be in a doubt for other designs we take. We are validating the software so that we can have confidence in it and want to use it to carry out our regular designs. Moreover, it will be extremely difficult to get the senior designers to agree on this point. So I request you to please look into it and sort it out in the coming revisions. If required, I can also raise a service request for the same. 

    Thank you for your support.

  • Hi Arpit,

    I completely agree to this point. I have already raised the issue internally with our developers. However a service request is always preferred and adds value to the request. If possible please create one. 

    Thanks & Regards,
    Abhisek Mandal
    Global Technical Support