STADD Integrated RAM connection Error


Please note that I am using STADD integrated RAM connection in one of Tech structure design as per IS 800 code, however after design of connections for eg. BCF, BCW etc in STADD file and after making few changes in STADD file I am not able to open that STADD Integrated connections again as STADD is crashing frequently.

Cant we edit the STADD file after connections are designed? Is there way/procedure to make new version of STADD file so that connection design can be retained with STADD crashing?

Do advise.

  • Hello,

    It depends on the extent of changes you make in the file. If you change only the sizes then it will easily capture. But if you cahnge the geometry, member type and orientations sometime it may not be able to track the changes and misses some information. Generally connections are designed once your model is finalized. So, expected changes are very less. However if you can provide us some more information like what changes you are doing in the file and also share the file along with .rcc and .rsd file we can investigate. .rcc and .rsd files store all the relevant connection data of a model.

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    Abhisek M

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  • Also make sure that you are using the most recent STAAD.Pro CE version