Beam Failure


I just wanted to clarify why the beams are failing in the RCDC. I have tried changing the the size to a meter depth but still it stated failure TOP: BM-Detailing.

I have tried designing it in STAAD advance and all the beams passed and provided its rebar details.

Could someone help me as I am thinking this might be an error with RCDC. 


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  • Hi, 

    With reference to file shared, it appears that most of the beams have failed for Detailing.

    Note the below clarifications which is applicable to beams which are designed as Ductile special beams ---

    Beam rebar Diameter to be restricted as per column size for Ductile detailing - NSCP 2015 - Cl. 418.8.2.3 --

    As per above mentioned clause --

    As per clause of 418.8.2.3 --- longitudinal beam reinforcement extends through a beam-column joint. The column dimension parallel to the beam reinforcement shall not be less than 20 times the diameter of the largest longitudinal beam bar. The analysis model is prepared by the user in various analysis software. It is presumed that the user has checked all the requirements before proceeding to design in RCDC. Hence, in RCDC we consider that column sizes available from analysis files are final. In order to comply with the clause mentioned above, for beam detailing, RCDC will restrict the rebar to be provided in beam at column-junction as per column size. This is applicable to top and Bottom reinforcement of beam along with SFR (Skin reinforcement).

    This is applicable for Ductile Special Frame Beams - Design. This is not applicable to Intermediate frame Beam Design.