RCDC -Column Design as per IS 13920


I am unable to use joint check option in ductile column design in RCDC. The option is greyed out. Refer to screenshot below. What could be the possible reason for it. 

Note: I already have run and designed all the beams in the model. 


  • No, unfortunately the queries are yet to be addressed.

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    There is a print mistake in RCDC Help content.

    For minimum size of column, RCDC will not report ‘warning’ if any of the dimensions is less than 300 mm.

    It is expected that User is aware of the clause requirement as well as the design criteria whether Ductile / Non-ductile for which the column will be designed. So, the Column size needs to be decided by user while modelling itself as User can control it.

    As design software, RCDC will take the dimensions available from analysis and design for same.

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    RCDC performs steps same as mentioned by you but Criteria like Crack Width effect in beams is not taken into consideration because both Beams and Columns are designed in different module in RCDC. Further to import the complete which will be a huge Design data from beams at all the levels and then designing the column for actual shear from beam is currently not handled in RCDC. We will be implementing it once we consider design of all elements in single module.

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    It is been rounded on higher side up to 2 digits which has nearly no impact on the final slender moment and is anyway on a BIT higher side.