Which sizing load combination to select for footing design?

Which sizing load combination to select for footing design in which EQ loading is also considered in RCDC?

  • Hi,

    Firstly, the load combinations for sizing are service load combinations and are completely Design Code dependent.

    Further, load combination with EQ case will depend upon which other gravity load cases are present. You can select 1 or multiple load combinations for different purpose viz a viz --- separate set of load combinations can be selected for Stability checks and different set for sizing / SBC check. 

    So RCDC has option to select combinations separately for 

    1. Design

    2. Sizing or SBC checks

    3. Overturning check

    4. Sliding check

    5. Buoyancy check

    6. Crack width check.

    Now, in RCDC, you have 2 options of generating load combinations ---

    Option 1 = Add load combinations from analysis  -  gives you facility to perform design of elements by select the load combinations that you have defined in your analysis file. 

    Option 2 = Add load combination from standard template available in RCDC based upon the load cases selected in RCDC for design.

    RCDC has a standard load combination set which is Design code specific and are as per clauses mentioned in each design code.

    The load combination will get populated on the load combinations window in RCDC as per the load cases that you have selected.

    You can add load combination for a Regular or an Irregular where --

    Regular Building = Non-orthogonal structure.

    Ir-regular Building = Orthogonal structure and Loading on the structure. 

    So depending upon the type of your structure, you can add load combinations. 

    You can also view the entire standard set of load combinations in RCDC - refer below image