Frame modelling

Hi there, please I am working on a steel frame design that includes OWSJ in the model. I have tried various forms of releases for the joist members like assigning truss parameter to the diagonals and verticals, releasing moments at the ends etc. but when I run the analysis I get the following errors – member design failed for member xxx, Load case xxx has infinite or nan values and it doesn’t show utilization results too

I have looked through the forum and it looks like it has to do with the member releases but I’m still not able to solve this. Can you please look through my attached model to see if I’m doing anything wrong? Your response will be very much appreciated. Thanks.

The attached model has not been run yet as it takes some time to run but maybe you could take a look at my code file (loading, releases etc.) prior to running to see if I missed anything.

Frame model release variation1.STD

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