How staad RCDC provide BOQ quantities of beams slabs?

How does staad RCDC gives Boq quantities of beams and slabs. Does it deduct slab concrete when it calculates beams Concrete or does it deduct beams concrete when it calculates slab concrte.

Because beams and slabs are cast monolithically and there is a common portion of concrete between beams and slabs.

  • Hi,

    RCDC Calculates the BOQ of each element independently in Individual Module. 

    So, while calculating the Concrete Volume for a Particular beam / group of beams, RCDC does not deduct the slab thickness. 

    But however in the slab module, the quantity of slab is calculated as per the clear span of the slab which is excluding the beam width. So there is no duplication of the quantity that is calculated. 

    So the quantity of each element is independently carried out in RCDC.