RAM SS - Composite Action/Stud Ductility Requirements

We are seeing over 1000+ errors in our RAM SS model and most of the errors we are receiving compromise of the following 2 errors:

1. Not enough studs for 25% composite action
2. Not enough studs for Stud ductility requirements (50% composite or 16k/ft)

AISC Section I commentary discusses that the "25% composite min" language is replaced with considering ductility, with the exceptions of beams with an average of 16k/ft shear connector capacity - which equates to roughly 1 stud/ft. Wouldn't this discussion clear the 2 errors stated above?

In addition, my understanding from similar forum questions is that we cannot automate a minimum no. of studs per foot, we manually must change each beam stud count - may you please confirm?

I'm trying to see the most efficient way to resolve the myriad errors we are seeing, but seem to run into issues to clear them out. Any help or insight would be much appreciated! Thank you in advance.

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