Floor Load and Plate Load. Different Reactions at Support

Dear Team,

I am modelling a simple 4 legged structure with RCC Slab on Top one using Floor Load and other using Plate mesh density of 0.5m (Parametric Modelling). I am assuming a load of 5kN/m2 using Floor Load as well Plate Load Pressure of 5kN/m2. The vertical reactions Fy are coming same but the horizontal reactions Fx and Fz is coming different for Plate Pressure loading and Floor Loading. The horizontal reaction is more in Plate Mesh Model. 

Also when I am trying to use Ignore Stiffness Command a lot of warnings come as I want that the results for both the two should be matching and using the ignore stiffness command I want the ignore the stiffness of meshed plate but still the reactions are same with a lot of warnings. 

Please suggest what is the issue.

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