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Dear Sir,

Our Project Requirement:   600’ x 200’ x 43’ PEB Warehouse

We’ve taken a Model of 157’ x 200’ x 43’ for STAAD Analysis as a similitude model with EJ

For the last 45 days, our design engineers have been carrying out the design work of the following PEP structure, and we are continuously concentrating the Staad design and also fully focusing the standards according to the Indian codes alone.

We’ve tried 100+ STAAD Models But we couldn’t get the Desired Result in the Design.

We have tried and tested, all available cold form steel systems for this from

We have tried purlins with different spacing like 1.2 meters and 1.5 meters.

But at no place, the design pass of the members received as we expected.

So, We are broken highly...

Can you please check and correct any of the two files we have attached herewith,

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