SteelBeamResults not exporting?

To whom it may concern,

Per the RAM SS v17.04 release notes ( RAM SS v17.04 Release Notes ), the SteelBeamResults tab cannot be exported if there is a horizontal brace in the model. 

I do not model horizontal braces in RAM SS, and the following models do not have any horizontal braces included in them. I am working in RAM SS v17.04.02 and for some models I can get this tab to export in the spreadsheet, but for one model I cannot. 

The only difference between this model and the rest of the models I have tried to export these results seems to be that one half of the building is on another grid system. I have ran the Data Check in the Modeler and both the Beam Design and the Column Design modules work well, but I cannot export this tab. 

Is there something else I should be trying?