3D rendered view staad.pro

Hello good morning everyone!

I have this problem, when I apply the render tool in staad.pro the sections are drawn 10 times smaller for mexican properties.

If I check the Query dialog box, the dimensions shown (except for the length) are effectively 10 times smaller (instead of 120 cm it's display 12 cm)

The funny thindg is that the design is correct, the area, inertia, section modulus, etc. Perform the way they're suppose to, but the geometry ain't correct. I have look through all the installation files but I just cannot find the one I have to modify so the dimensions get corrected. If any one can help me about it.

Thanks a lot, have a nice day

  • Hi,

    I checked the issue and this seem to be a GUI bug. The STAAD development team will be notified of this bug and it will be corrected in the next release.

    It may be worth noting that the STAAD database which you can access by going to Tools > Modify Section database shows the correct values.The analysis engine also considers the correct values for analysis. So the results are not affected by this bug. The GUI would be fixed to reflect the right values in the next version.