Aspect ratio for plate and solid

Can anyone tell me what is the preffered aspect ratio of plate element and solid element in STAAD V8i??? Ansys specifies when h/l of the element is more than 1/10 its solid element and when its less than 1/10 its plate there anything in staad?

  • The rules ought to be the same for most programs since most of them use similar theory for their plate and solid elements. STAAD says its elements have some capacity to handle shear deformation, so, even if the thickness is so large that the h/t ratio becomes less than 10, the plate element ought to be able to handle it. Shear deformation is built into solid element theory.

  • Just bumped into this post and noted that it was not answered. The thumb rule you mentioned is a generic one used in FEA and not specific to any particular software. So you can follow the same thumb rule for FEA using STAAD.Pro too.