T-Girder RCC bridge design in staad

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I am searching for the Manual to design T girder RCC bridge  design in staad pro.Please help.


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  • STAAD is a general purpose program for analysis and design of structures modeled using lines, triangles, quadrilaterals and blocks. It is not a customized software for bridge design.

    You could model the beam-slab combination using members and plate elements. The vehicle loads can be applied using the moving load generator, or using the add-on program BEAVA. For the former, see example 12 in the Application examples section.

    The concrete design commands have a provision for designing T beams and rectangular beams. For designing the slab, go to the built-in Concrete Design mode, or use an add-on program like RAM Concept.

    If none of this appeals to you, look for the Bentley Bridge offerings like LEAP.