Dff results or Deflection Check Results

Hi, can someone give some guidance to a new STAAD user as to how to do a proper deflection check for beams for a structure?

Ive tried to use the DFF command for a STAAD model im working on now but am unable to see any tangible results. After reading the forum posts I could find, it seems that DFF can only be checked by actually going through the STAAD PRO output file manually and will not be displayed in the post processing results, am I correct?

My problem is that I do not know what I am looking for. (As in what a DFF failure would look like) I am unable to find any indication in the post processing tab of any failure in my model. My model passes for design.

However I know that my model would fail a DFF check as using the post processing page, I have observed that there is a beam in the model with a dff of 114.4. The DFF value for the analysis is set to 360.

I calculated the dff manually by using,  span length = 1258.5 & resultant beam deflection = 11. dff =1258.5/11=114.4

Can someone please advise me if my understanding if correct? And if so, how to check dff results for an analysis.