Transfer of reinforcement and Tendons from RAM Concept to ISM



From reading elsewhere on the internet, I understand that reinforcement and tendons are currently not supported in the transfer from RAM Concept via an ISM repository. Is this correct and if so at what date will the ability be available?






  • The ISM and RAM Concept developers have been working to incorporate rebar into the interface for a while and that is close to release. Tentatively around  May 2011, at least for the Concept side of things.

    Tendons are further away. That’s partly due to the parabolic curvature of tendons and the fact that currently Concept is the only ISM integrated program that I know of which has any notion of tendons at all.

    Can you elaborate on your current workflow and where you would want to see the tendons, just to satisfy my curiosity?   Are you moving all the data to Revit or ProConcrete for example?

  • We would like to transfer data between RAM Concept and Revit. The link via ISM seems ideal although without reinforcement and tendons it is not really complete. I realise tendons and rebar can be exported to CAD files and I assume it's possible to get that information into Revit that way although this is as a work around.

  • I know this post is really old now, but the idea of adding post-tensioning objects for tendons and stud rails into ISM (typically coming from Ram Concept) is resurfacing. I'm curious where that information would get used down stream.

    • Would you want to see that data in Structural Navigator on a mobile device for field verification?
    • Would you want to get the tendon geometry into some detailing application like ProConcrete?
    • Is there some other drawing application you use to show 3D tendon geometry now?

    (Reinforcement from Concept to ISM works now so long as the reinforcement is all set to user bars first).

  • Seth,
    Do you have any more news on this?
    We're researching the same thing right now.


  • We are currently putting our efforts into getting rebar from ISM into Revit which had a quite a few requests. I would still like to see the PT and SSR in ISM (and in the resulting iModels) for completeness, but I would be interested to hear what end result you are after. Is it just for field visualization on a mobile device using Structural Navigator, or for clash detection using Navigator desktop, or if you are trying to do detailing directly from the ISM model? If so, what software would you be doing the detailing in?