StaadPro and SACS tutorials

Hi All,

 I need some tutorial as to how to specify, model and analyse:

-          Blast loads

-          Impact loads

-          Fatigue loads within StaadPro.

Also would someone be able to upload some SACS tutorials?! I have found one tutorial within SACS software but this is very basic. I need to learn above loading modelling within SACS. Also have not found presentations available on SACS website not very helpful (as a beginner).


  • I will also be waiting for this topic to be loaded with uploads. Thanks xyz111 for starting this one.

  • Here are some points to consider when applying a blast load.

    1) In STAAD, the analysis for blast loading is done using the facilities of time history analysis.

    2) The blast load has to be defined as discrete time-force pairs, with the force changing from a very small value to a large value, and then back to a small value over a very small time interval.

    3) A blast load which is in the form of an element or panel pressure has to be converted to a force. One way to do this is, for each node, calculate the influence area surrounding the node, multiply the blast pressure by the influence area, and apply it as a force at the node.

    4) In the event of multiple blasts which are separated by time intervals, one may use the Arrival Time command to convey the time separation between the commencement of the loads.

    5) The results STAAD produces for this kind of loading are the same as that for a standard time-force loading, or a ground motion loading. These include the history of displacements, forces and reactions, and the maximas from that history.

    Attached is an example.


    The same principles apply for the Impact Load too.

    STAAD does not have Fatigue analysis.

    For questions on SACS, please post your question separately.

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  • Dear Sir

    Two years ago I attend in a SACS course in the UA. You could find the document of this course in my weblog:

    This course contains a complete tutorial of the all analysis of SACS software.