staad pro v8i ( issue

dear staad master.

i'm new member in here. i love this forum because i can find the answers about lots of my own problem with staad besides reading technical manual reference from staad.

now i'm working with (maybe) the latest patch released from staad pro v8i series 4 and i'm using AISC 360-10 code because of client requirement for my project.

then i contact to IT to upgrade the staad to series 4 because staad has the 360-10 code.

unfortunately. i have some questions regarding AISC 360-10 code.

question no 1.

how to change base staad unit ?

i'm in Indonesia, we use Metric instead of English. I change the base-units in configuration to Metric, but the output still using English-units.

i change the configuration file from staadpro20070.ini still doesn't give any change. i think the AISC 360-10 code output doesn't give the metric output.

when i check using different code (9th edition) the output give me metric unit.

please, bentley staad creator, could you fix this ?

question no 2.

in the history version of staad series 4 ( )

it is noted 

A) 04 The AISC 360-10 steel design module has been enhanced with the
reintroduction of the MAIN and TMAIN parameters. Setting either to 1.0 will
bypass any slenderness checks."

in example "STAADPro_V8i_AISC_13th_Ed_Design_Example_Verification.pdf" , the input shows : 

and the output :

in my staad, when i set MAIN or TMAIN to 1.0, the input

and the result shows :

so the staad didn't bypassed the slenderness check ??

question no 3 :

3. what is the value of the slenderness ratio of : compression member and tension member ?

based on my knowledge, for compression member is 200, and for tension is 300.

the staad seems inconsistent for "MAIN" command for 360-10  code.

in some cases, the kL/r is exceed and give me FAIL for slender member when i'm using the 9th edition code, or 360-05.

but in 360-10, staad give me PASS.


what should i do ?