Best Book (ebook) to learn STAAD PRO


I am new learner of STAAD PRO, need good refrence  and book to learn, May ypu please intriduce me a good visual book and ebook to become familiar with STAAD? for Instance I want to learn instruction by picture in the book and examplse.

Thank you



    Please find the link for downloading the soft copy of STAAD documents.



    I would also like to mention some of the resources that are available to you presently. Some of these you may already know about.  

    1) From the Help menu, choose Contents - Getting Started manual : This manual contains 4 tutorials. One on creating the model of a steel structure, and performing a steel design. One
    on creating the model of a concrete structure, and performing a concrete design. A third one on using the interactive design facilities for designing base plates, connections, etc. And a fourth one on various methods of modeling plate elements, and analyzing a slab structure. These tutorials cover the STAAD command language, as well as the graphical methods of solving these problems.
    2) From the Help menu, choose Contents - Examples manual : Contains 29 example, and 14 verification problems. The emphasis is entirely on the STAAD command language. But, it covers a wide variety of structural engineering problems.  

    3) The Multi-media help : In the STAAD.Pro Help menu, there is a facility called multi-media help. It contains some movie style tutorials for some of the basic methods in creating models.

    4) In most versions of STAAD.Pro 200x, if you go to the Start - Programs - STAAD.Pro 200x, you will find a topic called New features. If you have an internet browser, you can view these. These cover the new features in pre-processing, post-processing and inter-operability that were introduced in that version. 

    5) If you go to the STAAD.Pro's Help menu, there is a topic called STAAD.Pro Info on the web. It has a category called Tutorials. It will take you to a website from which you can choose from among many items to learn more about the program.  

    6) The link in item 5 above also provides access to our knowledge base which contains answers to more than 350 questions on STAAD. There is also a discussion group you can pose your questions to.

    All of the above is over and above the technical support facilities we offer through phone and email.

    If you have already examined these resources and feel you still want more help, you ought to contact our training department. A list of addresses is available on the map shown under Technical Support from STAAD.Pro's Help menu.

  • The FAQs from Knowledgebase in,  is no longer accessible. However, you may click on the following link,

     and refer the different FAQs within.

  • Use the STAAD Tutorial and do the example that came with the software..

    The only way way to learning any software is to using as often as possible.