I have been analyzing a model for pushover analysis. I have roof bracing of HSSP members which STAAD does not recognize as a circular type & I keep getting error messages that I need to model these as circular section (which they are already!). I end up re-modeling these as PIPE. STAAD then forces me to change some of these to W or T or channel shape as I keep getting error message "   ***ERROR : ONLY WIDE FLANGE, TEE, AND CHANNEL   ARE ACCEPTED AS BEAM/COLUMN IN PUSHOVER ANALYSIS. "  although these are not beams or columns but roof or wall plane bracing. I ran the program & kept changing these individually to W shape (for sake of making the program run). Although if I ever mange to finish the design of the structure it has no resemblance to my original with all these force changes due to STAAD PUSHOVER  ANALYSIS Package bugs & limited capabilities. In the process of changing these bracing to a type that Staad Pushover accept & let it run I get a new message which I have not seen before namely "EXCEPTION (ACCESS VIOLATION) RAISED! ABORTING ANALSIS".

Can some one let me know how to resolve this?