STAAD Pro v8i SS5 - Error Section Properties Not Entered for Member

We just recently installed SS5 for Staad.Pro v8i. (

However, it seems that there is a bug in the new version.

We try to select and assign a new member properties in Modeling and then run the analysis (or Ctrl + F5). After the analysis, we always see this **ERROR** SECTION PROPERTIES NOT ENTERED FOR A MEMBER. But if to be check the missing property, no entity with missing property is found.

Then we tried to change and assign a new member properties by using the STAAD EDITOR, wherein manually input was done to change the member property. Again, we run the analysis, and this time Zero (0) Errors and Zero (0) Warnings.

Can anyone help us why we keep receiving "errors" after analysis when we change/select member properties in Modeling?