Add the ability to add wind loads to plate elements

It would be nice to be able to apply wind loads on plate elements. Especially given that there is a wind load definition specifically for tanks, but no way to model that tank other than plate elements. The alternatives are a cumbersome to implement, such as placing dummy beams around the plate elements or manually applying the wind load on each element. 

  • Using pressure loads is the current way I apply wind loads to plate elements. The problems is that either I have to create a new pressure load for each "layer" of plate elements, or I have to apply the average/ centerline elevation wind load across the entire surface, which I don't think is 100% accurate either. I understand there are work arounds, but to be able to add the to plate elements would be nice.

    There already is a module that exists to generate wind loads for tank surfaces. But the only way to model tank surfaces is with plate elements, which the module can't apply wind loads to. So this makes the module less than useful in my opinion. 

  • For plates wind pressures can be assigned as pressure loads. Are you asking for a module that can determine the magnitude of the pressure loads that are applied to plates (surfaces in the Physical Modeller) according to the wind profile from the wind loading routine?