Automatic creation of shear wall should be made available like etabs

Automatic creation of shear wall should be made available like etabs.

Creating shear wall should have straight forward approach like etabs. in staad the approach is little tediuos

  • This seems to be two separate ideas, 

    1) create a masonry wall design module similar to that in RAM Elements

    2) Provide a method to review the forces on a defined panel. There is a tool in the post processor that provides cutlines on the entire model, but what you seem to be asking for is a way to extract the results on a surface. What would be ideal would be a more detailed description of exactly what forces and how they would be reported when considering any surface in a 3D model. Imagine a building with multiple floors and walls of varying shapes (each defined as a parametric model). If any one of these surfaces was selected, describe what you would want to see, perhaps mock up a report and attach it here.   

  • It still not help with masonry wall design. Also it's still not possible to retrieve interior shear wall forces. Also it's a lot of problem to export shear walls created in physical into RE for masonry (???) and concrete design

  • Have you used the Physical Model? This is the true environment for a model where the entities are objects like walls and slabs.