It would be useful to implement in STAAD physical modeling Multiple panels creation with the pressure load redistribution with skewed angle assigned. (Same as in RAM Elements was done long ago).

The way like STAAD physical has it now allows to create only one by one panels with pressure redistribution only in x or Z direction. Just inclined members in the attached sketch cannot be loaded with parallel or perpendicular directions. Also it not practical even for this small model to create one by one panel. Thus, panel creation and pressure redistribution improvement fro STAAD physical (similar what was done in RE long ago) will be the step to make usage of STAAD physical practical. As a temporary solution would be the export the STAAD physical model via ISM into RE (surface elements easily be imported from STAAD physical to RE). Unfortunately the loads created in RE panel redistribution are not appeared in ISM and cannot be imported back to STAAD Physical. Also the improvement of the link between STAAD physical and RE might be used for masonry and concrete shear wall design. The staad Pro analytical still has direct link to RE, but with major drawbacks: it's only one-way, and surface elements cannot be exported into RE.