Future Consideration

Make the Annotation settings associated with the model such that they are saved with the model and not reset each time the view is regenerated.

Make Annotation settings sticky

Every time I change the view I have to reset the reaction annotation settings. Make it so that it always uses the last setting. Don't reset it back to show all DOF when you change the view.

  • Here's what was happening that prompted me to write this suggestion. I have a large piece of equipment that is laying on large transports. There are so many support points that it's too hard to digest what is happening when I look at the entire model. As a result, I was just looking at a section. Even this has so many supports it was still hard to read. I only care about the Z reactions so I just showed these. Every time I would change the view to look at another section it would revert back to showing all DOF for the reactions so I would have to go back to annotate and set it for Z only. It should keep the settings between views.

    To answer your questions. I would agree, I don't think it is necessary to save the Range. As far as the scope goes, I personally don't change annotation a whole lot. I think it would be fine to make it "stick" while you are in your current session then revert back to it's default next time you open STAAD. Either that or use the setting the last time it was closed. I don't think it needs to save the setting for each model.

  • Thanks for posting this suggestion. I agree we can do more with the annotation ands will be looking to do more with the GUI during the year and this could be part of that. What I would like to understand from your perspective is the scope of the retention. Are you looking to have all the selections set on the Beam, Node and Reaction sheets. Would you agree that having the Range set not saved is the best approach as this might result in annotations being displayed even when changing layout or is that what you are thinking? Also are you thinking of this being saved at application level or separately for each model?