"Searchable" Load Case list

Can we make the 'Available' and 'Selected' columns under the Load Cases tab searchable? Like when you're clicked into one of them and start typing a number, it'll jump to that Load Case? I have a few STAAD Models with moving loads, which generate several thousand Load Cases. In Post Processing, when I'm trying to view Beam Results or generate Reports, I have to manually scroll though the ~2000 Load Cases to find the dozen or so that I want to include. Being able to quickly jump to the ones I want would save me a lot of time! Thanks. (I'm currently running STAAD.ProCONNECT Edition

  • We could also use this (future) standard dialog box in the Connection Design module as well. The existing dialog requires the selection of LC's one at a time.

  • That is a great idea. We have dialogs with large numbers of entries like this and I agree, when the list is extensive, having a way to maybe temporarily filter the list to allow a selection could be very helpful