Stress utilization ratios


It would be very useful to see section utilization ratios due to stresses only. For now it is available an overview of utility which includes stability checks .


  • This is an interesting concept which could be developed in different ways

    1) by providing a method for selecting the clauses used in determining the ultimate reported ratio when performing checks. In other words list all clauses checks that are covered for the design code in the current parameter block and have a checkbox to say which ones would be excluded. This would be a major exercise as we would have to redevelop each code in a way that we could exclude the check if it was not to be included.

    2) provide a method to colour code members based on a user defined rule. This would need STAAD.Pro to be developed to support colour coding individual members and then allow this to be driven by using an OpenSTAAD macro where the member and the colour code could be specified. That way any rules can be used as the driver.