Waffle slab in RCDC / Staad Pro

Include the option to model, design and analyse waffle slab in RCDC/Staad Pro

  • Hi

    below is reply if you want design of waffle slab in RCDC.

    As per my understanding, the design of waffle slab is not based on some constant or co-efficient as like slab design available in ACI and Euro code. In Euro code, regular slabs can be designed with using design co-efficient available in code. in ACI code, direct design method  is available to slab design. So if you want to design waffle slab, for RCDC the design would be based on the forces available from analysis software as it is a design software.

    in waffle slabs, we generally create a grids of beams based on the span. the depth and c/c spacing of beams is depend on the deflection criteria and reinforcement design. 

    if you model the waffle slab in STAAD, still you can design the beams in RCDC, however some modification is required as beams are behaving like two way slab action. Beam continuity has to be checked and modify as per design requirements if possible. Slab also plays an important role to get the Flanged (T or L) action in beam in case of waffle slab. So beams can be design as flanged beam in RCDC.

  • Hi Seth, down here in Brazil we have our own Code that it is not included in the software, but the concrete code that I use ( and make some adjustment) is the Eurocode. 

    Here we use a lot in new construction.



    PS: I would like to have it in Ram Concept or in RCDC

  • What design codes are you using, ACI? And is this for new construction or existing building review typically?