Ram Concept PT Utility

Can run interactively or via command prompt.

RamConceptTendons.exe PTPlan.dxf TendonPoints.txt Tendons.txt  


PTPlan.dxf is the DXF format of RAM Concepts exported Cad Plan(PTPlan.dwg)

TendonPoints.txt is the exported Tendon Points Table in Ram Concept

Tendonts.txt is the exported Tendons Table in Ram Concept

Updated - 4th January 2018 - A bug was fixed where the utility did not export some skewed tendons due to the difference in significant figures stored within DXF TextNode and Line entities.


See https://communities.bentley.com/products/ram-staad/w/structural_analysis_and_design__wiki/35950/export-ram-concept-pt-tabular-data for further details.