Update1 - RamConceptSAFEUtility

This tool have been updated with ability to bulk import load cases and point loads from excel spreadsheet into RAM Concept.

To Start, load a sample F2k file File>Blank

Delete the tables you don't need.

Type in new form or paste (use the button in the top left of the form) from clipboard (Microsoft Excel) for Load Cases

Load Case Name - can be any string being your load case name.
Load Case Type - have to be either "other_dead" or "live_reducible"

Next go to Point Loads Tab

Paste values from similar table in Excel (do not copy across column headers).
X - X location of point load

Y - Y location of point load

fx, fy, fz, mx, my and mz are self explanatory.
LC is the Load Case number from Load Cases Table in previous tab

For above screenshot (simple example of only 2 point loads) at location (0, 0) and (3, 3) corresponding to Load Case No1 and No2.
Load Case No1 being the first load case entry in the previous table (DEAD_SAFE)

Load Case No2 being the second load case entry (LIVE_SAFE).

Once both Load Cases and Point Loads Bulk Entry form is completed, click "Load into Main Form" button top right

Verify your entries are now in your main form for both LoadCase and PointLoads

You can then generate your GCFF file, if error regarding "Fix Concrete"

Follow prompt to ensure Concrete table have non-zero properties, this is a prerequisite for the GCFF export progress

Clicking all the replace buttons will ensure there are no "zero" values for concrete properties.

Once a GCFF file is created, open your existing RAM Concept file and go into Sync STAAD>Update from STAAD GCFF File.

Select the exported GCFF File, when prompted with items to bring in, ensure to deselect all items except "Loads".

Prompted that import was successful