DA Delete Section Cuts

This macro enabled .xlsm file deletes all wall section cuts via Ram Data Access. It can be run on a machine with Excel and with RAM Structural System installed. Be sure that the version installed matches the version of the file with a problem.

It reads the wall openings into memory, closes the file silently, then deletes the .db.sdf file which stores wall section cut and opening data, and finally adds the openings back.  That is some fairly major surgery so one should always back up the .rss files before using.

  1. Save the tool to the hard drive in a location you will remember.
  2. Open it in Excel
  3. Enable Macros when prompted
  4. In the search bar type “Macro” and View macros (or do that from the View menu)
  5. Run the one macro called “main”
  6. Select the file.rss. Make sure it is a file in the same format as the version of Ram SS installed). The rss file should not already be open.
  7. Close Excel and check the .rss file again.