Access Runtime Driver ( Error of "Unable to read analysis data" in RCDC)

This error of "Unable to read analysis data" appears when there can be a probability of compatibility issue between  Microsoft office with the version of RCDC , to overcome this issue you can download and install the access runtime driver attached in this section whichever suits your machine requirements (you need to sign in first).


If simply by double clicking and trying to install(as mentioned above) it doesn't allow your system to install the Access runtime driver then you can follow the below steps and check .

You can even install the Access Runtime driver by performing the below steps in "COMMAND PROMPT"

1) Close all open applications.

2) Go to control panel and uninstall all the Access runtime drivers installed. (in the machine you can search for "Microsoft Access database engine ***" in your control panel )

3) In windows SEARCH type Command Prompt and right click with administrative rights.

4) In command prompt new black window write cd.. and enter. Do this twice and your directory will be set to C .

5) Now in above toolbar click on "Copypath"  (i.e. Where the downloaded installer is kept) then give a space and type passive and Enter as shown below:

"[installer path]\AccessDatabaseEngine-10_x64.exe" /passive

6) Now check with RCDC if you getting the same error.

If it still does not resolve your problem then it could be machine specific error which needs to be identified.