1. Full compatibility with Windows 7 least privileged user accounts (LUA) .
2. Added support for Indian steel sections.
3. Revised Manual and Help documentation to reflect the new GUI (previous version) and new program features.
4. 100% compatible with RAM Connection v6.5.

Resolved Issues

1. Minor Structural Synchronizer V8i (ISM) fixes.
2. Repaired OpenGL 3D rendering errors in some graphic cards.
3. Fixed problem when designing shear keys for retaining walls.
4. Corrected R factor in AISI cold-formed design.
5. Fixed the Fvt calculation for lumber and glulam members.
6. Eliminated axis error in bending moments for footings design.
7. Fixed node indexes for face forces (shells) with more than 4 nodes.
8. Eliminated Access Violation error when assigning load areas.
9. Fixed problem when reading a RAM Structural System model with openings in shells.
10. Corrected the provided area of steel reinforcement (AsProv) for masonry blocks.
11. Revised design for AISC channel sections.
12. Minor corrections not listed here.