• Civil Geometry Trim Extend

    Many of the Civil Geometry commands provide a trim extend option as part of the promp sequence.  For example, in the beginning of the video below you see the Arc Between Elements command creating curb returns for the intersection.  In addition, the Geometry commands are fully integrated with the Microstation Modify commands.

    So, whether with the Geometry commands or with the Microstation commands the functions such as…

  • Civil Geometry Manipulators - Civil Accudraw and Snap Input

    The inputs from Civil Accudraw can be persisted onto the intelligence of the geometry elements.  You must lock BOTH Civil Accudraw ordinates and then the input from Accudraw is automatically persisted onto the point.

    In the following video:

    1. I have a simple line which I use Civil Accudraw to lock station and offset inputs to define a second line (green)
      1. I keyin and lock both station and offset when set the beginning…
  • Civil Geometry Manipulators: A more complex example

    In the video below, I show a more complex example of manipulators.  This example is three lines made by the Line Between Points command and two curves made with the Arc Between Elements command.  The arcs were created by clicking a pass-thru point instead of locking a radius.

    • In the first manipulation, I drag the rotate arrow on the first line.  This changes the line and in trun changes the first arc.  Why does the arc…
  • Civil Geometry: Manipulators

    Most of the intelligence contained on the Civil Geometry elements is exposed to user by way of on screen manipulators.  Simply select the element and the manipulators will appear.

    The video below shows the following use of manipulators on a Line Between Points element:

    • Drag Handles - Allow you to dynamically edit the element by dragging the point on screen.
      • Dot shaped handles move the point with no constraints…