• Civil Geometry - Element Information

    In a previous article, I discussed the on-screen editing and manipulation capabilities provided for the Civil Geometry elements.  If we had presented every single value on-screen would have been a mess, so only the most commonly needed edits are available on-screen.

    But, occasionally you may need to make changes to a less commonly used value.  These are available by way of the Element Information tool. For an example,…

    • Wed, Jul 14 2010
  • Parcels and Civil Geometry

    I'm wondering if the new civil geometry tools can be used for parcel mapping. Has anyone come up with a workflow for this? With Civil Geometry I can forsee certain advantages such as the ability to move a Right of Way centerline element and have the cul de sacs, parcels and annotation update dynamically. Could the parcels be persisted to the GPK? Could the lot line and parcel area labels be dynamic? How would we handle…

    • Sun, Jul 4 2010