• Thoughts on Names within InRoads - Please Add your own Thoughts

    Names, Names and More Names

    With this post I am hoping to get some feedback as to what others are doing with all of the named items that MicroStation and InRoads now entails. I have been working with InRoads since its origins as TDP on the VAX. I believe its feature based DTM is the best idea for DTM's ever. But on a recent project, I have found myself overwhelmed with the requirements for template point names.…

  • Roadway Designer Order of Processing Template Points/Components/Rules/End Conditions

    This is generally the order in which InRoads solves the location of points and components at each template drop...

    1. Template is dropped, and points are placed according to the point constraints stored in the template.
    2. Parametric constraints are applied as defined in the template, and in the designer
    3. Point controls are applied to the assigned points, overriding the corresponding constraint, and all points that are constrained…
  • Bentley Map is offered with InRoads products beginning V8i SELECTseries 1

    How can Bentley Map be activated in the SELECTseries products?
    First one of the following licenses must be obtained (V08.11.07.229+):  Bentley InRoads, Bentley InRoads Suite, Bentley Rail Track, or Bentley Rail Track Suite.   One of these licenses mentioned must be activated (in use) before being able to activate Bentley Map from MicroStation > Applications > Map > Activate Map.

  • No End Conditions in the Roadway Designer

    Created a surface with the Roadway Designer and returned to the Roadway Designer to make edits but the end conditions no longer display in the cross section view.


    The "Active Surface" must be reselected at the bottom right had corner of the Roadway Designer.  InRoads will automatically set the last surface created/imported as the active surface which makes it look as though there are no end conditions when returning…

  • Roadway Designer End Condition Rules

    1.       If multiple end conditions are attached to a single point, then only one end condition will solve by order of priority

    2.       If multiple end conditions are attached to multiple, independent points, then one end condition from each point will attempt to solve.

    3.       Priority is only considered for end conditions attached to the same point.

    4.       If a secondary end condition is attached to the end of a primary end condition…

  • Contours Display Immediately

    When selecting Surface>View Surface>Contours and contours are immediately created, without the View Contours dialog box, select Tools>Locks and remove the check mark next to Styles.  This will allow the View Contours dialog box to display and modification can be made.
  • Moving a Manhole in a Drainage Network

    A manhole can be moved to a given distance from its current location after you have completed your drainage network.
    Identify the station and offset of the manhole to be moved.  Drainage>Structure>Move, select applicable settings and apply.  Select your manhole to be moved and click in your MicroStation Key-in box and key-in your station and offset  values (so=station,offset) then enter.

  • Editing Named Symbology

    It is not necessary to manually edit each named symbology.  The Global Name Symbology edit command which will allow you to change all occurrences of a particular value in the XIN file was added to InRoads V08.07 and above.  This command is an Application Add-in, Named Symbology Tools and is not available when running AutoCAD.
  • Annotate Elevation of Ditch Bottom in Cross Section

    In using the Annotate Cross Section command to display the elevation of a ditch, the feature for the ditch bottom must be displayed in the cross section set and then apply the Annotate Cross Section command. 
    Select Evaluation>Cross Section>Update Cross Section and select the cross section set that contains the ditch to be annotated.  Ensure the Mode is set to Display On and select the Projected Features leaf…