• Point Annotation versus Feature Annotation in Cross Sections

    Point Annotation will annotate all vertices in a selected surface of your cross section, whereas Feature Annotation will only annotate the feature(s) selected for a particular surface of your cross section.

  • Superelevation Crown and Range points not available

    If you cannot find your crown and range points as described in your template in the pull down menus.


    If you made changes to your template, especially point names, don’t forget to synchronize your templates with your library (Roadway Designer>Corridor>Template Drops>Synchronize with Library).


    Also, if there no crown and range points in the drop down menu of the Add Superelevation Section dialog review…

  • Adding Station Equation

    To add station equation select Geometry>Horizontal Curve Set>Stationing
    Select Horizontal Alignment to be edited
    If you have Vertical Alignment attached to your Horizontal, selecting Synchronize Starting Station will change the vertical alignment corresponding to the new stationing.
    Select New


    When entering the ahead station, you must specify a name for the station equation first. An alpha character…

  • New Wiki Post: Problems Annotating Cross Sections

    In support, we receive frequent calls on problems annotating cross section sets.  For new users, it’s easier to see this workflow performed once before being able to understand the process.

    Problems Annotating Cross Sections article has been posted on the wiki.

  • The top two reasons for End Conditions extending past the existing ground when creating Cross Sections.

    The top two reasons for End Conditions extending past the existing ground when creating Cross Sections:  not including an Exterior Boundary when creating the surface with the Roadway Designer or cutting the Cross Sections at a different interval than template drops (ie- cutting cross sections at 15 foot intervals when the templates were dropped at 10 foot intervals).