• Survey Text Symbology: "Write Survey Data to Graphics" vs. "View Survey Data"

    The text symbology for items which are displayed when using the Survey>View Survey Data>Write Survey Data to Graphics command is controlled on the Symbology tab under Tools > Survey Options. To edit the symbology, double-click an object in the Survey Symbology portion of the Symbology tab.  This will bring up the standard Text Symbology dialog box.  Specify the text symbology and select "OK".


  • How do you display a vertical alignment in a profile set if you do not have a surface?

    To display a vertical alignment in a profile without a surface:

    • Run the command, Evaluation>Profile>Create Profile.
    • Open the "Create Profile" leaf.
    • Click on "Source" and set the "Create" pulldown to “Window Only”.


    Set the elevation limits of your profile window:

    • Open the "Controls" leaf.
    • Under "Elevation" toggle on “Use” and specify your high and…
  • Displaying Rights of Way in a Cross Section Set

    First, import the ROW into a surface as a surface feature.  This can be done with File > Import > Surface command.  It is recommended to toggle on “Exclude from Triangulation” so the ROW doesn’t get triangulated in the surface.  It is also recommended to "Drape" the ROW onto the existing surface the ROWs can be seen in the cross section set.  Once the ROW is part of the surface, go to the…
  • "Unable to track file..." Error Message when Launching InRoads.

    InRoads on a Windows 7 64bit Operating System Error Message:
    “Unable to track file c:\progra~1\bentley\inroad~1.11\data\civil.xin through Access Manager.  The file resides on a Read-Only share or directory and will be opened Read-Only."
    To Resolve this Issue:
    1. In Windows Explorer, navigate to the C:\Program Files (x86)\Bentley folder.  Right-click on the Bentley folder and select Properties from the pop-up menu…
  • User Account Control message when launching InRoads

    When receiving the following message:  User Account Control -  "Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer?" perform the following workflow:
    Go to the Control Panel > User Accounts > Change User Account Control Settings > change the setting to “Never notify” > OK.