• New Wiki Post: Creating a Centerline Alignment Between Two Horizontal Alignments

    A new wiki has been posted - This wiki demonstrates how to create a “best fit” centerline alignment between two edge of pavement horizontal alignments.  You can find the wiki at the link below:



  • Created a surface from contours but not getting the same contours as imported. How can the contours appear smoother?

    When importing contours, it should be remembered that InRoads is not a triangle or contour based product.  It is a feature based product.  The contours are imported as contour features.  They will then become triangulated and new contours will be formed.  If there are sharp edges in the contours, try running the command Surface > Utilities > Generate Inferred Breaklines.

  • Can Drainage Areas be imported from graphics?

    Not directly.  InRoads can import from a text file.  Try exporting the vertices of the graphic shapes from MicroStation’s Tools > Dimensions > XYZ Text > Export Coordinates.  This command will export the XYZ data for graphic elements selected.  Then this file can be edited to add the area ids for the point data and then it can be imported into InRoads *.SDB file with File > Import > Drainage.  Search Help…

  • Can Pay Items be imported from a text file?

    Pay Items can be imported with an Excel file.  The Excel file can be created from a text file through an import process.  Please see the wiki article

  • How to Delete a Curve Set from a Superelevation Section

    The simplest way to convert a curve set back to normal crown is to manually edit the superelevation control lines in the superelevation diagram. Simply right click in the superelevation diagram and select “Delete Points”.  Drag the cursor to select the points you wish to delete.  You should delete all the points that are in superelevation in the curve set you want to return normal crown.

  • Why is there no longer an ALG *.lck file?

    Beginning in InRoads version there are no *.lck files for the geometry project.  The functionality of “locking the file” is now held in the ALG file itself.  Previously, to manually unlock an ALG file, you would delete the *.lck file from the project folder.  In version the solution is to hold down the CTRL key and select the Free button.  This change was implemented so that ANY user could…

  • Assign Function Key to Open InRoads

    How do you assign a function key to open InRoads from within Microstation?

    To assign a Function Key to open InRoads, please follow these steps:

    1. In the microstation menu, go to Workspace>Function Keys
    2. Highlight the key you wish to assign a value to
    3. Key in “mdl l” and then the path to the ma in the Action field
    4. On a 64bit machine, it would be mdl l "C:\Program Files (x86)\Bentley\InRoads…
  • MX - Working Crossection Reg


    I want to generate crossection in Mx Renew with areas of  fill,cut to be displayed at each interval. In Inroads it is  possible. But in MX is there any way to display area along with crossections????