• You can have your HUD back when you pry it from my cold dead fingers

    I’m a bit cynical in general.  I’m also entering my fourth decade of banging hard on civil software.  When the development team was internally previewing OpenRoads to us five or six years ago, they were making a big deal about the Heads Up Display (HUD). 

    Then: I thought it was a bit gimmicky.  “How much time is that actually going to save me?”

    Now:  “You can take it from me when you pry it from my…

  • Civil Engineers: Masters of Relationships!?

    Engineers get a lot of grief for being not good with relationships.  I say: No More! 

    We were always relationship-focused, but we didn’t necessarily know how to manage them.  We didn’t quite have the tools.  But that was then.

    Ask any Hollywood Celebrity or Gossip Reporter: “Do you care about the relationship between this Profile Grade Line and that Edge of Pavement?”  They’d surely respond, “Of course…

  • The Reverse Engineering Stops Here?

    I used to have this in my email signature:


    As a developer of training, it was my duty – my calling – to save software users from having to reverse engineer how the software worked.  Reverse engineering is hard, it’s really time-consuming and it’s error prone.  Reverse Engineering the software is supposed to stop with me.

    I’ve recently dipped my toe back into migration services for the…