• Digital Twins: It can start with you (and your cell phone)

    What do we want?

        Time Travel!

    When do we want it?

      It doesn't matter!

    I just got back from 50 years in the future and everything has a Digital Twin.  Of course, I want to monetize my trip to the future, so getting ahead of the Digital Twin tsunami is my ticket (Oh, and a big early bet on the Gators winning the 16-team college football playoff in 2027).  

    How do I get going?

    The overall strategy is to identify your…

  • ACCELERATE Civil Virtual Conference: Registration Open!

    Registration for the ACCELERATE Civil Virtual Conference live sessions is now open. The conference us complimentary and available to everyone, not just those that were registered for the Orlando conference. Remember to check back with the registration page as registration for the guest user presentations and recorded on demand presentations will be added over the next several weeks.


    The attached PDF has all the details…

  • Digital Twins: they're coming, but when to us?

    I want my Digital Twins!  But I ain't getting them soon, it looks like...

    In my 30 years in the industry, the move from our older products to OpenRoads Designer was the biggest transformation I had seen.  Common Data Environment, automatic smart updates, BIM-ready...  Big!

    I've been wrong before (I thought Digital Signatures and The Magic Pen would be staples years ago), but Digital Twins looks like it will not only…